Download & Install iOS 16 Using 3uTools Right Now ?

Yes indeed it’s true that you can download and install iOS 16 on your iPhone or iPad withing few months later using 3uTools for free.

So where we are back to give you some tips to do this effortlessly.

This guide will show up you all the ways that you have to upgrade your device current iOS firmware to the latest.

With the current situation you can download and install iOS 15.6 beta 2through 3uTools.

Moreover you can download all the released iOS firmware so far too.

We can ensure that after releasing of few more iOS 15 versions it will be the movement of releasing iOS 16 on the public.

This will be a great occasion on iDevice users who are waiting for a change of their devices utilities as well as functionalities.

Most of Apple device users are very interesting to upgrade with their devices.

They are willing to apply their favorite wallpapers and ringing tones beyond the Apple’s default supplies.

But Apple doesn’t allow on users to do this as they wish.

If they want to do anything that they would like to do , they have to choose a different way to do this indeed.

So today we are not talking only about iOS 16, but we do hope to discuss about something interesting Apple devices too.

Before we are going to go through the out of limits , let’s see that how can you upgrade your current iOS firmware to the latest iOS 16 once it released.

iOS 16 upgrade right now with 3uTools ?

Once you need to download and install iOS 16 please connect your device to the PC which is running 3uTools.

When you connected successfully with the 3uTools please go to the “Smart Flash”.

Where you have several options to sellect.

  • Easy Flash
  • iTunes Flash
  • Pro Flash
  • Multiple Flash.

Now select the “Easy Flash”.

After you select Easy Flash you will receive the iOS 16 download package.

Now select and download the package and install.


Please do not disconnect your device from your PC till the process will be completed.

Once you getting finished the downloading and installing iOS 16 your device will be reboot.

Then provide your device passcode and use it as you wish.

New Key Features Available With iOS 16

Apple has been added a bulk of new features on iOS 16.

Under the following key features you can experience new interface as well as enhancements.

Lock Screen Changes

  • Lock Screen Gallery
  • Lock Screen Switching
  • Lock Screen editing
  • Stylized date and time
  • Multilayered photo effect
  • Suggested photos
  • Photo shuffle
  • Photo style
  • Widgets on the lock screen
  • WidgetKit API
  • Live Activities
  • Live Activities API
  • Lock Screens made for Focus
  • Apple collection
  • Astronomy
  • Weather
  • Emoji
  • Colors
  • New design for now playing
  • New notification design
  • Notification animations
  • Notification view on lock Screen


  • Lock Screen Linking
  • Made for focus suggestions in Lock Screen gallery
  • Home Screen page suggestions
  • Focus filters
  • Focus Filter API
  • Focus schedules
  • Easier Setup
  • Allow & silence list

iCloud Shared Photo Library

  • Ability to Share a photo library with your family
  • Smart setup rules available
  • Suggestions on smart sharing
  • Collaborate for the collection
  • Memories relive which completed

Following features also have been undergone with very advance feature changes.

  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Passkeys
  • Live Text
  • Siri
  • Dictation
  • Maps
  • Apple Pay & Wallet
  • Home
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Family Sharing
  • CarPlay
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • App Clips
  • Books
  • Camera
  • Dictionary
  • Face Time

What Are The iOS 16 Security Upgrades ?

  • Rapid Security Response
  • Landscape Face ID

Mainly Apple has been upgraded above two security features on iOS 16.

So above both security improvements will be supported with iOS 16 supportive iDevices indeed.

For more descriptive information about the iOS 16 , please go to the iOS 16 Preview.


iOS 16 is the next upcoming latest iOS firmware on iPhones/iPads.

You can easily download and install this new firmware through 3uTools very easily.

Please comment on us and touch with us to get iOS 16 more information.

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