Unc0ver Jailbreak with Altstore

Unc0ver jailbreaking tool, also known as the best jailbreaking tool out there, has been able to gain the trust of iOS users in no time since its debut. If you are an iOS user with iOS 11 or higher version, who is in a thirst for getting your iOS device jailbreak, whether you are a MAC user or a Windows user you will get benefits by following below procedure.

If you are a MAC user,

First, you need to install Altstore on your device.

1. Go to google and type in the keyword Altstore, go to the official

Altstore site ending with dot io(.io) domain name.

2. Find the MAC OS compatible version and download the zip file on your computer.

3. Now go to the download destination and to unzip double click on the zip file.

An icon named Altserver can be seen.

4. Drag it and drop the unzipped file into your application folder.

5. Double click on the Altserver.

6. Message like

‘Altserver is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?   Pop up. Click on the open button.

7. Now you can see a new diamond-shaped icon on your PC’s Menu. Click on it.

8. Next click on the install now plugin.

9. Next a message will pop up. Click on blue colored ‘install plugin.

10. Enter your Apple ID.

11. Once installation is completed you will be notified with a pop-up message. To install the mail plugin,

12. Now go to the mail app of your computer

Preference>>General>>Manage plugin

13. Select all plugins.mailbundle>>Allow access >> Apply and restart now

14. Connect your iPhone via a lightning cable.

15. Once you connect you are asked to trust.

16. Go to your PC again and click on the diamond-shaped alt store icon.

Select install Altstore and select your connected device.

17. Produce your Apple id and password and click connect.

18. Now you can see the Altstore icon on your iPhone

19. To trust the app go to

Setting>>General>>profile and device management >> developer app >>trust.

Now let’s see how you can get install unc0ver jailbreak

1. Go to the unc0ver official site using your safari browser.

2. Select the ‘open with Altstore’ button and then open the button.

3. Give your apple log in credentials, after unc0ver IPA file starts to load to the store.

4. When it is over you should be able to see the unc0ver icon on my app list.

5. To begin the jailbreaking process, go to the unc0ver app and tab on the blue colored jailbreak button. 6. When the jailbreak is successful Cydia Icon can be seen on your home screen.

If you are a Windows user,

Install Altstore on your PC.

1. Go to altstore.io official site from your chrome browser and download the Windows-compatible zip file on your computer.

2. Unzip it and install it by clicking on the setup file.

3. Now go to the search bar and type in the keyword ‘Altstore’ and click on it.

4. If you haven’t installed (if you have read from the 6th step) iTunes on your computer, a window will pop up asking you to install it.

*5.* When you click on download iTunes will be downloaded. Then install it.

6. Now again go to the search bar of windows computer and type Altserver.

Click on the search results.

7. Two messages appear as you click

One asking you to check for updates and another saying iCloud isn’t available on your computer.

8. Click on check updates and download buttons respectively.

9. ICloud setup file will be downloaded to your machine. Install iCloud.

10. As the next step restart your computer or simply opt to restart it later.

11. Next connect your iPhone to the computer. Trust the computer using your apple passcode if you are asked to do so.

12. Go to the taskbar and click on the arrow icon located near the battery charging level icon and select the icon of Altstore that seems like a diamond shape.

13. Then select install Altstore and select your iPhone.

13. Type in your apple credentials in the pop-up window and click install.

14. Now go to your iPhone and you can see the alt store icon on your phone

15.  Trust it General>> Setting>>Profile and device management >> Developer

App>>Alt store trust

Now that Altstore is installed, next, we will install unc0ver jailbreak

1. Open the installed app on your phone and tap on connect to alt server button.

2. Give your apple ID and password.

3. Tap on Go>>Got it.

4. Now go to the official unc0ver site using the Safari browser.

5. Tap on ‘open with alt stored>>open

6. Now you can see how unc0ver IPA is loaded to the app. When it is over you can see unc0ver icon on the list.

7. Tap on 7days. Then you can see the unc0ver icon on your home screen.

8. Open it and tap on the Jailbreak button.

9. When the jailbreak is over the device will respring.

10. Open the unc0ver app and tap again on the jailbreak button.

11. Your device will reboot. Now you can Cydia on your home screen.