3uTools Download Windows 8 64 bit Running PC .

3uTools Download on your Windows 8 64 bit running PC now you can done with a single click.This is a very advance iOS helper tool which provides a tremendous and maximum service to iPhone/iPad users for free.

You can manage all features of your Apple device without any restrictions which Apple has been imposed on its users.

This helper tool provides multidisciplinary advance tools that you can apply on your iDevice.

All you needed services available with this tool including iOS jailbreak tutorial guide with relevant jailbreaking tools.

So this will will be the ultimate 3uTools tutorial guide that you can use to download on windows as well as use to download on Windows as well as use it for several purposes.

Please click the Windows downloading button provided and download the 3uTools installation package on your Windows 8 64 bit OS running PC.

Once you click the downloading button ,your PC relevant package will be begun to download either your PC running with Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit.

Windows 8 Best Features

  • Speed up booting time.
  • New desktop shows an innovative and dynamic appearance.
  • Search functions have been speeded up.
  • Provided a new location for launching apps called Metro Start.
  • Windows still possess the traditional desktop.
  • You have a new feature to refresh or recover your PC.
  • Integrated social networking throughout Windows 8.

We have given a short description on Windows 8 and its features so far.

If you are still thinking about 3uTools download and use it on your iPhone/iPad,just read the basic features of this helper tool that you can apply on your iPhone/iPad to manage it.

3uTools Managing Tools

Before you are going to download this tool on your Windows 8 64 bit running PC,you must be know all about this tool and its features as well as functionalities. This will be a great hit on you to make easier your device tasks as well as performances.

Most Advance iOS Managing Tools Which Available With 3uTools

  • Backup/Restore.
  • Migrate Data.
  • Clean Garbage.
  • Compress Photos.
  • Make Ringtones.
  • Icon management tool.
  • Convert Videos.
  • Realtime Screen.
  • Convert Audios.
  • Stop iOS Update.

So this managing tool regularly updating with its new versions.

Thus please follow our all guide about the update log of 3uTools and download as you wished version of 3uTools.


So we suppose that you may have gained a great knowledge on 3uTools Download On Windows 8 64 bit running PC for free.

Thus we recommend you to download this amazing tool on your PC and enjoy it with your iPhone/iPad.

Moreover we highlight that 3uTools download is a completely free way that you can follow.

So do not provide your any sensitive data for any one while the downloading process on going.