3uTools For Mac

3uTools for mac now you can try this amazing iOS helper tool on your Mac for free.

Using this amazing tool on your mac you can manage your all features and settings of iPhone/iPad indeed.

So 3uTools for Mac will help you to manage your iPhone/iPad with a bulk of tools that you would like to use.

Moreover this helper tool provides all released jailbreak tools that you can use to jailbreak your iDevice for free.

If you are a Mac user,this will help you to find out the way that you should follow to download that 3uTools for Mac version.

Manage your device with various ways including making your own ring tones, managing your photos and more other.

3uTools For Mac Features

  • Single click jailbreak available with needed all jailbreaking tools .
  • You have access to your iPhone/iPad through 3uTools.
  • Include SHSH backup,baseband upgrade.
  • Stop iOS updating.
  • Make your own ring tones and download unlimited wallpapers.

More other tools available with this tool for free.

You don’t need to pay for use this helper tool.

So try this on your Mac and make it easy without Apple’s software restrictions.

3uTools For Mac Requirements

  • Intel or Apple Chip(M1) or Power PC available Mac.
  • macOS-10.12, 10.13, or 11.0,12.0 and later version.
  • Kodiak,Cheetah,Puma,Jaguar,Panther running Mac OS X.

So if you have the basic requirements of 3uTools download,here you can use our 3uTools download page and download this amazing tool and experience a full iOS managing tool independent from Apples grasping.

How To Use 3uTools For Mac

After you downloading this tool use your USB cable to connect your device with your Mac.

Once your device successfully connected with your Mac which 3uTools downloaded,your device info will display on the tool.

Then very simply you can apply all you needed tools with a single click.


3uTools For Mac availability you can check with our all tutorial guidelines as well as downloading packages.

Moreover this downloading process is a completely free.

Try this on your Mac and share your experience with us.