3uTools Updates

3uTools is the best iOS helper ever.This tool will help you to manage your iPhone/iPad for free.This page will help you to download all 3uTools versions on your PC/Laptop/MacOS with a tutorial guide.Prior to download the installation package please follow our tutorial guide that how to use this tool on your device.

How to use 3uTools on your Device

3uTools is not a mobile tool.You should download this tool in your PC/Laptop/MacOS and then you have to connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer to manage your device using this tool.Once you properly connect your device to your computer,your device all details and information will show on this tool with many other features.

How to download 3uTools

Please download the 3uTools from following download packages.Then follow the prompted messages to continue the installation process.

Step 01:Click Yes

Step 02:Click Install

Finally you will be with 3uTools in your computer.

Then you can connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer which you use to download 3uTools.Then you can watch your device details on the tool when you connected to the tool properly.

  • 3uTools V2.63(23.09.2022)
  • 3uTools V2.62(17.08.2022)
  • 3uTools V 2.61(24.06.2022)
  • 3uTools V 2.60(08.04.2022)
  • 3uTools V 2.56(11-03-2021)
  • 3uTools V 2.55(29-12-2020)
  • 3uTools V 2.53(27-10-2020)
  • 3uTools V 2.52(19-10-2020)
  • 3uTools V2.51(19-09-2020)
  • 3uTools V2.50(29-07-2020)
  • 3uTools V2.39 (08-05-2020)
  • 3uTools V2.38 (08-01-2020) 
  • 3uTools V2.37 (25-09-2019)
  • 3uTools V2.36 (09-07-2019) 
  • 3uTools V2.35(19-04-2019)
  • 3uTools V2.33 (06-03-2019)
  • 3uTools V2.32
  • 3uTools V2.31
  • 3uTools V2.30
  • 3uTools V2.29
  • 3uTools V2.27
  • 3uTools V2.25
  • 3uTools V2.23
  • 3uTools V2.22
  • 3uTools V2.21
  • 3uTools V2.20
  • 3uTools V2.19
  • 3uTools V2.18
  • 3uTools V2.17
  • 3uTools V2.16
  • 3uTools V2.15
  • 3uTools V2.13
  • 3uTools V2.12
  • 3uTools V2.11
  • 3uTools V2.10
  • 3uTools V2.09
  • 3uTools V2.08
  • 3uTools V2.07
  • 3uTools V2.06
  • 3uTools V2.05
  • 3uTools V2.03
  • 3uTools V2.02
  • 3uTools V2.01
  • 3uTools V2.0
  • 3uTools V1.13
  • 3uTools V1.12
  • 3uTools V1.11
  • 3uTools V1.10
  • 3uTools V1.09
  • 3uTools V1.08
  • 3uTools V1.07
  • 3uTools V1.06
  • 3uTools V1.05
  • 3uTools V1.03
  • 3uTools V1.02
  • 3uTools V1.01


We recommend on all users to use the latest version of 3uTools to manage your iDevice.Because the updated version is the safest place to use.Every updated version provide you very advance security features as well as previous bug fixes.So we advice on all users to use the latest version of 3uTools.