3uTools Windows 10 64 bit

3uTools download on your Windows 10 running PC with a thousands of free tools and features.

Please follow the downloading instructions and do the same as we mentioned.

Just click the download button and follow the direction instructions to download the installation package.

As you know 3uTools is the best iOS helper tool that you can use to manage your iPhone/iPad without imposing any Apple advance software restrictions.

So please follow the instructions to download the tool on your Windows 10 running PC.

Where we must say that you can download this tool on your any Windows version.

After you click the downloading button,you will be directed to the official page and where you can hit the download button.

Then it will be automatically download the your Windows version compatible installation package.

3uTools Features On Windows 10

3uTools regularly updating with its all features as well as security.

So all users can use this tool confidentially to manage their devices with advance helper tools.

3uTools Toolbox

  • Backup/Restore
  • Virtual Location
  • 3uAirplayer
  • iTunes Utility
  • Transfer Data
  • Accessibility
  • VirtualLocation
  • Erase All Data
  • Clean Garbage
  • Stop iOS Update
  • Delete Invalid Icon
  • Realtime Screen
  • Batch Activation
  • Update IPPC File
  • Make Ringtone

Where we have given few and most common tools that users can use to manage their tasks.

So we suppose that our iDevice users may willing to use 3uTools indeed.

3uTools Windows 10 Requirements

You just need an iDevice.

Windows running PC/Laptop.

3uTools Windows 10 Update

Before we mentioned previously 3uTools is regularly updating with its features.

As a result of that you can update the current version of this tool to the latest manually.

Moreover this tool will not be interrupted due to Windows updating.


3uTools download and install on Windows 10 running PC/Laptop very easy and can done without pay.

This iOS helper tool always updating with very advance features and security updates.

Thus we recommend on both iPhone and iPad users to use this tool on your Windows 10 running PC and manage your iPhone/iPad without imposing any Apple software restriction.