3uTools Jailbreak

3uTools Jailbreak available on your all iOS versions with compatible iOS jailbreak tools.

So you can use this most easiest way to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad using 3uTools.

This iOS helper tool has facilitated on its users all iOS jailbreak tools with relevant jailbreak tools.

Thus use this tool to jailbreak your iDevice too.

iOS jailbreaking is very easy to done with this tool.

This will help you to select your jailbreak option with 3uTools Jailbreak.

How To Use 3uTools Jailbreak

First of all you must download 3uTools on your Windows 10(64/32bit)/Windows 8(64/32bit)/MacOS.

After you download this tool launch it on your PC.

Now connect your iPhone or iPad that you are going to jailbreak with the PC using an USB cable.

You will see your device basic information display on the 3uTools.

Then click the tab Toolbox.

Where you will see the option Jailbreak.

Click upon the Jailbreak tool and your device compatible jailbreak tool will be begun to download.

After the downloading finished you will see the compatible jailbreak tool.

Select your device compatible tool and hit the Jailbreak.

Then your tool will be begun to download on your device.

After that you can select your device compatible tool.

Click the Jailbreak and be patient till it finished its downloading.

Then disconnect your device and open the downloaded tool on your device.

Now click the Jailbreak again.

Your device will be jailbroken after few minutes and reboots.

Is iOS Jailbreak Legal ?

There is no evidence to prove that iOS jailbreak is illegal.

Whether your device jailbreak or not the complete right possess only for you.

Thus no one can’t restrict this process.

You can try or not try indeed.

So this is only an educational guide.

Please use this tutorial guide and all downloading links for your educational purpose.

Thus we are not promoting iOS jailbreak indeed.


3uTools Jailbreak available on all iOS versions released so far.

This page will help you to download and jailbreak your iPhone/iPad for free.

Please follow our tutorial and educational guide and share your experience with us with your suggestions.