3uTools V2.63 Has Been Released With iPhone 14 Adaptation.

3uTools has been released it’s latest version V2.63 on public.

Here we have the entire information about the latest version of 3uTools.

Updated Date 23.09.2022

If you are still being with the previous version of 3uTools, please update to the V2.63.

This will give you a thrill indeed.

3uTools V2.63 Newly Added Features

As you know already Apple has been released iPhone 14 on public.

So 3uTools team has been added iPhone 14 adaptation too.

Thus you can now completely manage your iPhone 14 with 3uTools indeed.

This is a big step on iPhone users.

Because Apple doesn’t allow to it’s users to manage their devices as they wish.

So same goes on iPhone 14 too.

Therefore iPhone users should follow another way to customize their devices as they wish.

Follow our tutorial guides for more information.

3uTools is the best place to do this.

3uTools Utilities.

iPhone 14 Manage with 3uTools.

How to use 3uTools On iPhone 14 ?

Just connect your iPhone 14 to the PC using an USB Cable.

Launch 3uTools V2.63 on your computer.

Then your device information will be displayed on 3uTools.

Now you can apply any of you willing services through 3uTools.

This will be a convenience as well as free way that you have to manage as well as customize your device without imposing any of Apple restrictions.

Most of 3uTools services are independent from Apple ID and Password.

3uTools V2.63 Download and install

As you already know 3uTools is completely supportive on Windows running PC/Laptops.

If you are already using 3uTools previous version , please launch the tool and click “Check Update” .

Then you will be received the list of available 3uTools versions so far.

Click V2.63 Download button.

Then click Install button and follow the steps.


3uTools V2.63 available now download and install as well as update.

Please follow our guides for more information.

Thank you and hope you enjoy with our guide.

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