3uTools V2.62 Available For iDevice Users.

3uTools team has been released it’s current latest version V2.62.

So now you can download and install this version on your Windows running PC/Laptop for free.

Very important features available with 3uTools V2.62.

Updated Date17.08.2022
File Size115.0MB

3uTools V2.62 Features

3uTools team has been added few newer features on V2.6.2.

  • Add face ID test.
  • New 3uAirPlayer version.
  • Previous bugs fixed.

So we recommend this latest version of 3uTools to upgrade and do your all changes on your iDevice with it.

Because the latest version of any tool is the safest place to do all your willing things conidentially.

How to download and install 3uTools V2.62

Method 01

If you are already using 3uTools older version , please click “Check Update”.

Then it will show you the all versions available for you.

Then click “Update Now”.

Once you click this button you will receive another prompt up messages to continue the process.

Click Install button to getting finish the installation process.

Method 02

If you are new to 3uTools , please use the following download button.

Then you can download the latest version on your PC.

After you are finishing the download click the downloaded file to open.

Then follow the same method as previous.

3uTools V2.62 downloading QR Code

If you are unable to download directly the latest version on your Windows running PC ,please follow the steps below.

Where you can use iOS or Android smart devices to do this.

Please open your device QR code scanner.

Then scan below code.

3uTools V2.62 or latest version will be begun to download on your smart phone.

After you finished this you can send the downloaded file to your PC via WhatsApp or Messenger or Gmail,Bluetooth.


3uTools V2.62 now you can download via several methods.

This version is free to download.

So please join with us and enjoy your life with this great iOS managing tool.

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