Realtime Screen Of The Device & Save Screenshots On PC With 3uTools.

Realtime Screen is one of the most advance tools in 3uTools.

This tool is very useful to take screenshots on your special movements.

So we do hope that this article will help you to gain a great part of your career.

Suppose that you want to share a tutorial guide on your audience about your iPhone/iPad via your PC.

Where you don’t want to transfer screenshots via USB cable indeed.

With Realtime Screen you are free to save all your activities without missing.

How To Use Realtime Screen

First you should connect your device to the PC that 3uTools is running.

Then launch the tool.

Now go to the Toolbox and select Realtime Screen.

Once you select the tool, you can see as follow.

Actually this is a very convenience way to get a screen captures and share among those who wish to share indeed.

So more other options you have with 3uTools.

Using those tools you can improve your device performance very easily.

Clean your device garbage with a single click now available and you don’t want to waste your time to search the option to clean your device garbage at once.

Delete Invalid Icon help you to identify automatically invalid icons of your device and remove from your device.

3uTools More Services

If you are still awaiting to upgrade your device firmware to the latest iOS version , please use 3uTools to do that.

A bulk of free services including,

  • Backup & Restore
  • Batch Activation
  • Update IPCC file
  • Make Ringtones
  • Stop iOS update
  • 3uAirPlayer

More other tools available with 3uTools and you can manage your device completely with those helper tools indeed.

iOS Jailbreak with 3uTools

This is a most important tool that you can use to jailbreak easily your iPhone or iPad.

You don’t need to use any Cydia Impactor tool or any other third party supports indeed.

Very simply you can get your access to compatible jailbreak tool with your current iOS firmware.


3uTools provides all access to your iPhone/iPad without asking any Apple ID or password.

Realtime screen is a one of most useful tools on iDevice users.

So we invite to all user to keep your touch with us and see you on next tutorial guide.

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