How To Manage iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro With 3uTools.

3uTools released it’s V2.63 on public few weeks earlier.

With it’s latest version 3uTools provides a wide range of services on iOS users indeed.

So with the latest version of 3uTools you can manage your iOS 16 running iDevices very easily.

This effort is to discuss about the latest iPhone models iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro managing possibilities with 3uTools.

If you are in jail with your iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro ,you need a break exactly.

Actually Apple doesn’t let you to do as you wish to do things because of it’s advance software restrictions.

Sometimes this will be an annoying to you.

Therefore you can use 3uTools to manage and remove some restrictions from your device for free.

What is 3uTools ?

3uTools is the best ever iOS managing as well as helper tool that all iOS device users can use to manage as well as customize their devices 100% free.

This tool doesn’t ask a payment for it’s service.

Therefore you can done every single modification on your iPhone using this tool for free.

3uTools have not been applied any advance restrictions yet.

How to use 3uTools

If you are willing to use this amazing iOS helper tool on your iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro, please download and install 3uTools on your Windows running PC first.

Then Connect your iDevice to the computer after launch the software.

Then you can apply any feature that you want.

How To Manage iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro With 3uTools

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro are the latest released iPhones on Apple users.

Actually most of features of iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro you can manage with 3uTools.

Following things you can manage with this iOS helper tool.

  • Wallpapers download
  • Make your own ringing tones
  • Record your device screen
  • Share your device screen
  • Jailbreak your device
  • Upgrade your firmware
  • Back up and Retore

More other features available with this tool and you can use to manage that you want but Apple doesn’t let you to do.


3uTools is the best ever released iOS managing freeware .

You can very simply use this tool and no need to pay for this tool or it’s services.

We do hope to give you more about 3uTools as well as iPhone 14.

Please join with us and make sure that you are not providing your sensitive details to anyone.

Thank you.

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