3uTools V3.09 Latest Update.

3uTools team has released it’s latest update of this iOS managing tool as V3.09.

3uTools V3.09 latest update released on 12 Mar 2024.

203.22MB in size.

So if you are a member of 3uTools V3.08, please update the latest version on your device.

This will give you more benefits as well as more services.

As a regularly updating tool, this time also they have fixed some known bugs as well as updated Virtual Location option too.

3uTools serve very important services specially on iOS users.

Among those services, 3uTools iOS jailbreak is an important one.

3uTools V3.09 iOS Jailbreak

First make sure that you know about your device iOS version.

Then connect your device to the PC which is 3uTools running.

Then launch the 3uTools on your computer.

Make sure that your device is connected with 3uTools properly.

Then go to the Toolbox section of 3uTools.

Now select iOS Jailbreak.

Once you select the option iOS Jailbreak , you will receive all the jailbreak spaces that you can use to jailbreak your device.

Then select your option and Click Start jailbreak.

Then the jailbreak tool will be begun to download on your device.

3uTools iOS Jailbreak Precautions

  • Make sure that your device is activated.
  • Keep your device normal power on state.
  • It’s better that remove your device lock screen password
  • You can’t perform other performance during the jailbreak process ongoing.

Why you should use 3uTools V3.09 ?

3uTools V3.09 latest update is the best place that you can use to manage your iOS running iPhone/iPad confidentially.

Because 3uTools team has recognized about the previous bugs and already fixed with 3uTools V3.09 you can use trustfully this version indeed.

So we again and again recommend on our users to the latest version of 3uTools.

3uTools V3.09 Services

Here are few services that you can use, but more other services available for your use.


3uTools V3.09 is the latest 3uTools version which available for free.

This is the most trusted as well as secured version that released so far.

So you can use confidentially this tool for several purposes.

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