How To Use Your Face ID With iPhone/iPad.

We know that you have been using the Touch ID and Passcode to ensure your iDevice security since you begin to use iDevice.

These security steps/procedures are highly required to keep protect your device from unauthorized access.

These things are very important you when you are going to use internet purchase for something as well as apps or games downloading and installing.

Without your permission anyone can’t do thins indeed.

Once you add a Touch ID and Passcode for your iPhone , it will be required for every installation as well as other activities that you are going to do.

So anyone who are going to use your own iDevice will be stocked with this security steps indeed.

We are not talking much about Touch ID or Passcode indeed.

Instead of those topics we are going to discuss about Face ID.

Face ID you can use to unlock your device securely.

How To Set Up Face ID

Where most important thing that you should be aware is keep your face free from any items such as Glasses,face masks or any other items.

If so you might be asked to remove temporarily those items during the setu period.

Step 01:Navigate Settings>>Face ID & Passcode.

Step 02:Tap Set Up Face ID.

Step 03:Now hold your device In front of your face & tap” Get Started”.

Step 04:Now turn your face around the circle.

Step 05:Once you finish your first face ID scan tap Continue.

Step 06:Then second time also you should follow the same procedure.

Step 07:Finally tap done to complete.

So this is the way that how to set up a Face ID on your iPhone.

Then let’s see that what are the utilities of Face ID.

What are the ways that you can use Face ID with your iPhone?

  • Make Purchase
  • In the iTunes Store
  • In the App Store
  • In the Book store in Apple Book


Face ID is a well secured method on your iPhone which introduced by Apple.

This will be saved your time indeed.

Moreover this will be protected your all privacy from threats that might be occurred.

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