Panda Helper iOS ultimate troubleshooting guide.

Panda Helper always stands for users convenience.

As a third party apps store this is the best way to get all needed apps and games for free.

So this is another side of Panda Helper that you may willing to touch.

In this article, we are going to discuss common issues that iOS users have to face and how to get them fixed without any hassle.

  1. Unable to trust
  2. Device blacklisted
  3. Certificate revoked
  4. Unable to download apps with panda helper

If you are getting above listed issues, to get them fixed read this article.

1. Unable to trust

After downloading panda helper on your iOS device if you try to open it without trusting it, you’ll get ‘Unable to trust’
In that case, all you have to do is
Go to settings >>General >> profile and device management >>Select certificate name is seen under enterprise app>> trust 

Now back to the Panda Helper icon and tap on it. It should be working perfectly.

If it doesn’t work as expected your device may have been blacklisted. Let me take a guess, the next question that is haunting in your mind would be ‘but is there a solution to recover my device from the blacklist ?’ Yes

2. Device blacklisted

2.1 Delete the app and reinstall it

To delete

1. Go to Setting>>General >>Device and Profile Management
2. Then locate the certificate name found under the enterprise app tap on it.
3. Now tap on the delete button.
To download
1. First clean Safari browser’s previous internet access details
Settings>> Safari >> Clean browser history
2. Then off private mode of safari browser
3. Go to the official panda helper site and download either Paid VIP version or free Version
4. Once downloaded-go to settings and trust that the app as we have explained in the ‘Unable to trust’ section above.

2.2Reset your device and reinstall the panda helper

To protect your valuable files you can back up your data either to iTunes or Cloud.

2.3 Sing apps and install with Altstore

Download apps IPA from panda helper official site and sideload those with Altstore.

1. Go to the panda helper app and download the IPA file of the app that you want to download
2. Download and install the Altstore app on your PC
3. Open the app on your PC and connect your device using the lightning cable.
4. Type in AppleID, UDID, password and select IPA file downloaded paths.
5. Then tap on start.
Once the singing process completes you can see how status has been changed to complete.
6. Now tap on install.
7. Once installation is over you can see a Success message
8. Now to trust the please follow above instruction you can find under
‘Unable to trust’ issue.

2.4 Buy VIP version

3. Certificate revoked

When the apple certificate is revoked by Apple you will get a message saying it.

In that case, you can

3.1Onces certificate gets revoked panda helper team buy new one spending thousands of dollars. Wait for them to buy
3.2 Sing Apps with AltStore
To learn how to do that, please feel free to refer to the Device blacklist section above.
3.3 Install the jailbroken iOS version after jailbreaking your device.
3.4 Buy panda helper VIP version

4. Unable to download apps with panda helper

When the certificate got revoked and replaced with a new one this is a common issue faced by so many folks
Developers have to redesign one by one prevailing apps in panda helper under such conditions.

So wait for them to redesign it.

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