Why Do You Need To Bind Apple ID Using 3uTools?

3uTools always tries to provides very advance as well as trusted service on it’s users.

This tool provides very advance sub tools including some commonly using methods.

So this brief explanation will help you to figure out another very important part of 3uTools that you are usually experiencing.

When you are dealing with this iOS managing tool you will receive some messages to bind with your Apple ID.

This is a doubtful fact on most of users.

Thus let’s try to understand all about the Apple ID and it’s all utilities related to 3uTools.

Why you should bind with The Apple ID ?

Main reason for this is that 3uTools can help you to purchase free authorized apps from your device app store using this Apple ID.

Moreover you can login to the Game center too.

Now we suppose that you know the benefits of binding Apple ID.

Is Apple ID Binding An legal Thing ?

Actually we can ensure that 3uTools servers never store any private information of it’s users.

Therefore you don’t want to be worry to bind with Apple ID through 3uTools.

So if you are still not done this before please follow our tutorial guidelines to register with your Apple ID and get your free unlimited opportunities.

How to Bind Your Apple ID

First you should connect your device to the PC which is 3uTools running.

01.Once your device is successfully connected with 3uTools please click “Apps” tab.

02.Now click “Bind”.

03.Now provide your Apple ID and Password.

04.Now click “Bind”.

05.If you are fail ,you will received a message like below.

06.If you are succeeded you will achieve as below.

Where we highly recommended to our users that connect your device prior to follow the steps.

If so not you will receive a failed message indeed.


After you will be bind on 3uTools Apple ID , you will be able to experience more benefits more than you were not.

So we finally invite on all users to join with us and get more information about 3uTools and it’s all utilities.

Thank You!

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