3uTools V 2.59 & Tutorial Guides.

3uTools has launched its latest version v2.59 on public with some modifications.

So now you can 3uTools V2.59 download or upgrade on your windows running pc right now.

Please follow the tutorial guide to do this.

This will help you to break your device all restrictions indeed.

How To Turn On ProRes Video On Your iPhone 13 Pro

First you should upgrade your device iOS firmware to the latest one.

Please go to Settings>>General>>Software Update.

If you are running with the latest version of iOS ,please do as follow.

Go to your device Camera settings.

Now tap Formats.

Now you can see Apple ProRes Video Capture.

Tap and will show green toggle.

How To Teach Siri To Say A Name Phonetically

Step 01:Open Contacts.

Step 02:Select your willing contact.

Step 03:Select Add Field.

Step 04:Now tap Phonetic first middle or last name you wish to use.

Step 05:Now enter chosen name on Phonetic Name.

Step 06:Finally tap Done.

How to disable annoying Apple TV keyboard notifications in iOS 15.1 & iPadOS 15.1

  • Go to your device Settings.
  • Now tap Notifications.
  • Go for Notification Style.
  • Now select Apple TV Keyboard.
  • Then Toggle Off.

How to print from an iPhone using AirPrint

  • Printer should be an AirPrint one.
  • Turn on it and connect it on the same Wi-Fi as your iPhone.
  • If this failed,please restart and do the same process repeat.
  • Now launch the App.
  • Tap Share icon.
  • Search for Ellipses button.
  • Now select your printer.
  • Tap Print.

How to Unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch when wearing a Mask

  • Go to Settings of your device.
  • Now select Face ID & Passcode.
  • Where you have to enter your iPhone Passcode.
  • Go for Unlock With Apple Watch & switch the next green ON button.

How to make an iPhone a wireless hotspot

  • Step 01:Go to Settings.
  • Step 02:Select Cellular.
  • Step 03:Personal Hotspot.
  • Step 04:Now Allows Others to Join.

Where you can set your own password too.


Now you can use 3uTools latest version V2.59 with its newly added features.

This will help you to manage your iPhone or iPad for free indeed.

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