3uTools For Data Transfer Between Android & Apple.

3uTools always provides a massive range of services on his users indeed.

You know perfectly that you have been facing on big troubles when you are using your mobile devices either Android or Apple.

So this effort is to give you a relax with your different mobile platforms and use together those oppose platforms running smart phones.

It doesn’t matter that you have both types and we have the way to use on a convenience way those devices together.

Here we have the way that you can transfer data between Android and Apple.

Just follow and share among your friends who are willing to know.

This is a very interesting path that you can follow.

Please check the following things.


Where you have no way to transfer data direct between Android & Apple.

So you should use a bridge to transfer your package from one device to other.

3uTools is a good selection indeed.

Where you should use your Windows running PC which you have downloaded 3uTools.

Follow the steps and do the same.

How to transfer data between Android & Apple

First you should connect your Apple device to the PC.

Then select “Transfer Data”.

Now you have main Two options.

  • Old one is Android Device
  • Old One is an Apple device

Select your device type.

Where we are talking about transferring data from Android to Apple.

So select the first option.

Now open your Android device’s QR code scanner and scan this displaying code.

Then you will be directed to the 3uTools Android version download site.

Please tap “Download 3uTools”.

Tap “Download”.

After the downloading finished, please tap “Open”.

Now simply continue the process to install 3uTools on your Android smart device.

Aftermath of installed the tool on your device, please follow the next step to know about using 3uTools to Transfer Data for free without Apple software restrictions.

How to Transfer Data

Please scan following QR code with your Android smart phone which downloaded 3uTools.

Then you will be successfully connected with your Apple device via 3uTools.


According to our experience 3uTools is the most easiest as well as trusted method that we can use to Transfer Data from Android to Apple.

This is a 100% free method and no cost will be charged.

Thus we would like to invite on all willing community to join with 3uTools and make your regular activities easy with your Mobile device.

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