3uTools Just Released It’s V 2.60 The Latest Version.

Here we are back with the most latest version of 3uTools V 2.60 with a bulk of newly added updated features.

This will be an excited movement on regular 3uTools users indeed.

So we do hope to give you a brief overview on this latest version of this iOS helper tool.

If you are a new member , please just download and install this helper tool with the latest version V 2.60 via our downloading guides.

Moreover we do hope discuss something important criteria too.

So let’s figure it out and make your life easy with your iPhone/iPad.

Before we are going to enter to the topic we would like to give you a short introduction on 3uTools.

What is 3uTools ?

3uTools is the best ever iOS helper tool which you can use on your iPhone/iPad for free.

Thus you can manage every single piece of your device without imposing Apple’s software restrictions.

If you want to download any app or game on your device , you are free to do this using 3uTools without providing Apple ID or password.

What is The 3uTools Latest V 2.60 ?

As you know any latest version of an app or software or game is the best place on users to live confidentially.

Because the latest version is the newer most release to the public with a full pack of fixed previous security patches and other bug fixings.

Thus we suggest on users to upgrade your current version to the latest version as soon as possible.

What are the Newer features of 3uTools V 2.60 ?

  • 3uAirPlayer added some new USB cable Mirroring.
  • More device adoptions available.
  • Previous bugs fixed.
  • Advance Security features imposed.
  • No Apple ID bind.

So those are the latest features that you can experience with 3uTools V 2.60.

Just connect your device and feel a freedom that you have not been experienced ever.

How can you use 3uTools V 2.60 Effectually ?

If you are a new member , you should know the entire basic things that you should follow when you are using 3uTools to manage your iPhone/iPad.

First you should download 3uTools V 2.60 on your Windows running PC.

Then connect your device to the PC via an USB cable.

Now your device will be detected by 3uTools V 2.60.

Then you can select you needed service for free.

3uTools V 2.60 Using Precautions

Where we urge to users that this tool is not a payable one.

Completely free.

So if you are going to pay for 3uTools or its services , please don’t do that and complain on that matter.


3uTools V 2.60 now available with a bulk of features and services.

3uTools V 2.60 is the safest place that you can live with your iPhone/iPad indeed.

Please download or upgrade your latest 3uTools version and share your experience with others.

As a great fans of 3uTools , thank you 3uTools.

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