How to Stop AirPods Automatically Switching Between Devices.

Having your AirPods, or AirPods Pro, move from your iPhone to your Mac as you sit down at your desk is a great concept, but it’s a pain to implement. Here’s how to put an end to it. Apple employees sometimes appear to exist in a parallel universe to the rest of us. It’s undoubtedly … Read more

How to add/ remove watch faces in your Apple watch.

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IPhone users may view previous Wi-Fi networks and their passwords using Wi-Fi List.

When you join into a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, it remembers it and connects to it immediately whenever you are in that range. As you might guess, this means your phone saves a list of previously used Wi-Fi networks in its database. Unfortunately, Apple does not enable consumers to view this information right out … Read more

How to Quickly Adjust the Brightness of the Flashlight on Your iPhone, iPad Pro or iPod Touch

Your iPhone’s LED flash also functions as a flashlight with adjustable brightness. If you use your iPhone flashlight frequently, you might want to discover a new trick that allows you to turn on and adjust the brightness of your device’s flashlight in one continuous move. How to adjust iPhone flashlight brightness To switch on and … Read more