IPhone users may view previous Wi-Fi networks and their passwords using Wi-Fi List.

When you join into a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, it remembers it and connects to it immediately whenever you are in that range. As you might guess, this means your phone saves a list of previously used Wi-Fi networks in its database. Unfortunately, Apple does not enable consumers to view this information right out of the box on their own devices.

What happens when your iPhone is jailbroken?

You may be relieved to discover that there is a solution to this annoying problem. Wi-Fi List, a new free jailbroken software from an iOS developer collects all of your previously used Wi-Fi networks, their passwords, and other useful information into one easy-to-find location for future reference.

How does it work?

The Wi-Fi List app is simple and not very complicated to use. The main screen displays a list of all previously connected Wi-Fi networks, including the one you are using right now. The password for each Wi-Fi network is listed beneath its name. A sorting option in the upper left of the program allows you to pick how the list is ordered, making it easier to discover specific networks.

You may view more information about a certain network in the aforementioned list by tapping on it, and you can create a unique QR code to share with others so they can join the same network you are.

The following information is shown in the information window.

  • SSID (network name)
  • Password
  • Encryption method
  • Whether the SSID is hidden or not
  • Date added to the device
  • Date last joined manually
  • Date last joined automatically
  • View raw network data
  • Create a unique sharing QR code

How to check Wi-Fi list & More

Whether you consider yourself a networking geek, are dissatisfied with Apple’s out-of-the-box Wi-Fi capabilities, or simply want to be able to check back on previously-joined Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone, Wi-Fi List appears to be a useful tool for all of those circumstances.

If you want to try Wi-Fi List, you can get it from Itaybre’s personal repository for free using your chosen package manager. The modification is open source and works with jailbroken iOS 13 devices, according to the developer’s GitHub website.

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