iOS Jailbreaking Tutorials-Everything You Should Know 3uTools.

Apple world is very complicated for new users.Because Apple has imposed very advance security features.But somehow those security features and other software restrictions stand as a barrier on users regular activities that they must do using their iPhone/iPad.Most of Apple device users struggling with their devices to do their willing and essential things.

So some teams tend to search on easy ways to do and manipulate their iDevice instead of control them by their iDevices.As a result of that developers introduced easy and fast methods to getrid from annoying software restrictions of Apple.

iOS Jailbreak also a same method that iPhone/iPad device users can follow.Where you must use a jailbreaking tool that compatible with your iOS firmware.Please follow this ultimate guide to being knowledgeable about the iOS jailbreak and Cydia.

What is iOS Jailbreak ?

iOS jailbreak is the process that you can follow to remove all software restrictions from your iPhone/iPad using a jailbreak tool.Final output is Cydia.

Jailbreak Package Managers

We can recognize those package managers as collection of software tools.Those tools help to automate the process of installing,configuring,removing,upgrading.After you jailbreak your device ,automatically those jailbreak Package Managers installed on your devices.Most popular managers are Cydia,Sileo,Zebra,Installer 5.


Repositories are the stores of different apps/games installation packages that Apple do not let you to download.

Most of apps and games which are coming from out sources not allow to download and install on iPhone/iPad.This happens because of Apple has restricted to install those apps and games.This software restrictions they have been imposed to keep users to use only Apple app store.Due to this software banes of Apple’s,users facing very big troubles.

So iOS jailbreaking and it’s repositories helpful to download users favorite as well as essential apps from third party sources.

Is iOS Jailbreak Legal ?

Yes.Many countries accept this process as a legal.Thus you can jailbreak your device confidentially with following 3uTools jailbreak guidelines.

Jailbreak Methods & Jailbreaking Tools

Untethered Jailbreak

Will not require any assistance when it reboot.No need a computer.

Tethered Jailbreak

Oppose of the Untethered jailbreak.A computer is required to reboot.

Semi-Tethered Jailbreak

This jailbreak type allows its users to reboot their devices normaly.

Semi-Untethered Jailbreak

Acts same as Semi-Tethered jailbreak when the device is rebooting.

How to Jailbreak any iPhone/iPad Using 3uTools

This is the most easiest & fastest way that you can follow to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad.

Please download 3uTools on your PC.

Now open this tool & connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC.

Then go to ToolBox.

Click Jailbreak.

It will show you the compatible jailbreak tool on your device firmware.

Please select the tool and download it on your device.(Click Jailbreak).

After you download the tool please go to your device Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management & Trust this on your device.

Then open the tool on your device and hit Jailbreak button.

So this is the most easiest way that you can follow to jailbreak your device.

Moreover we suppose that you can use 3uTools to many other purposes.

History Of Jailbreak Tools

  • ZiPhone-2008
  • Pwnage Tool-2008
  • QuickPwn-2008
  • redsnOw-2009
  • purplera 1n & blackra 1n-2009
  • limera1n-2010
  • Spirit and JailbreakMe-2010
  • GreenpoisOn-2010
  • ultrasnOw-2011
  • Absinthe-2012
  • evasiOn-2013
  • SnOwbreeze-2013
  • evasion7 and pOsixpwn-2013
  • pangu8-2014
  • TaiG–2014
  • iH8snOw-2015
  • pangu9-2015
  • pangu93-2016
  • jk9357-2017
  • Yalu-2017
  • Phoenix-2017
  • EtasonJB-2017
  • Saigon-2017

For more information please connect with our ultimate jailbreak guide via read more tag.

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Best Tools On 3uTools

  • Backup & restore
  • Realtime Screen
  • Batch Activation
  • stop iOS update
  • Make Ringtones
  • Delete Invalid Icons

More other tools available to help you with your device.

therefore you don’t need to waste your time with your device anymore.

Available Jailbreak Tools On 3uTools

  • UncOver
  • Odyssey
  • Checkra1n
  • Electra
  • Chimera
  • Meridian

For more information please click 3uTools Ultimate Guide.

So we suppose that you have engaged with good enough information thus far.If you are still not confidential with jailbreak,please contact us.We are standing on you always.

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