How to use genuine accessary detection using 3uTools.

We all know that we cant find a way to check any accessory of an iPhone is genuine or not. Sometimes you have to suffer from this problem.

Now you don’t want to worry. You can use 3uTools as your genuine accessory detector.

It has a function to do that. Most importantly you can use 3uTools directly to detect your data cable is genuine or not.

But you should connect to the WiFi network to detect other accessories are genuine or not.

You can connect to the wifi network as follows.

First of all, you should download the 3uTools to your PC or Mac OS running device. Here is a brief explanation of how to download

3uTools.First, you should download the latest installation package of 3uTools to your PC.

When finishing the downloading process, you can open it on your device.

Then hit yes to continue the process. Now you can see an install button pop up.

So you should click the install button.

You can see the installation process is will appear on your screen.

After the installation process is finished you can hit the launch button.

Now it is ready for use.

Now let see ho it is used to detect your accessory is genuine or not.

Before you start the procedure you should connect to the computer sing a data cable that 3uTools installed.

After the connection is done using data cable you should find the Accessibility on the toolbox.

Then enable the wifi connection. It will automatically connect to the wifi connection to the computer.

This step you need when you connect to the first time for the computer.

So you do not need to repeat the process.

Then you can disconnect the data cable to which iPhone and computer are connected.

Then you have to unlock the iPhone home screen.

Within few times iPhone will connect automatically to the 3uTools via wifi.

If iPhone doesn’t connect long period of time you can follow the below process to overcome this problem.

You can restart 3uTools, iPhone or your computer and try again.

After the connection via wifi, you can proceed with the process.

You can plug a Headset, Data cable or other devices into the lighting surface of the device.

And also do not connect the USB port to the computer.

Then you can open the genuine accessory detection in the 3uTools ToolBox.

Now you can select an accessory you want to detect genuine or not.

It can be either AirPod, Data cable or any other accessory.

Now you will have to wait a few moments to complete the detection using 3uTools.

After the detection compleated you can see a complete detailed box as a result.

With that result, you can verify it is genuine or not.

Within the results you can find the following details.

  1. Product Name.
  2. Serial Name.
  3. Manufacture.
  4. Model type.
  5. Production date.
  6. Lighting chip ID.

So all you need iOS help available with 3uTools.

We invite on all iOS users to join with us to get our educational guide for 3uTools.

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